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What to Know About the Pacific Northwest One of the first United States claims to the lands of the Pacific Northwest region came after Lewis and Clark explored... The Pacific Northwest is highly active geologically. The region is dotted with several large active volcanoes in the... There are four. 10 Facts About the Pacific Northwest Coastline The wild, rugged and sandy coastline of the Pacific Northwest is chock full of interesting factoids, history, legend and natural beauty. One can spend a good chunk of their lifetime exploring the endless miles of shoreline, and the communities that have made their home here Things You Never Knew About The Pacific Northwest 1 It has a rainforest. (Olympic National Park, Washington). The Hoh Rainforest is one of the few rainforests in North... 2 Most of the apples you eat are from the Pacific Northwest. (Washington). According to Washington State University, 68%... 3 It. The Pacific Northwest (PNW), sometimes referred to as Cascadia, is a geographic region in western North America bounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west and (loosely) by the Rocky Mountains on the east

Als Pazifischer Nordwesten (PNW bzw. PacNW) wird eine Groß region im Nordwesten Nordamerikas bezeichnet. Eine exakte Definition gibt es nicht. In der engsten Auslegung bezeichnet Pazifischer Nordwesten die US-Bundesstaaten Oregon und Washington, häufig ergänzt durch Idaho The Pacific Northwest, also referred to as Cascadia, is a region on the west coast of North America. It refers to the northwestern corner of the United States and the southwestern part of Canada. The U.S. states of Washington, Idaho, western Montana, Oregon and northern California are in the southern part of the Pacific Northwest Pacific NorthwestThe Pacific Northwest extends from Yakutat Bay, Alaska, in the north to roughly the California-Oregon border in the south. There are over three dozen separate identifiable groups in the Pacific Northwest culture area, representing a variety of different language groups and cultures. Source for information on Pacific Northwest: U*X*L Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes. But in the Pacific Northwest, they really appreciate summer-it rains off and on for much of the year, but one day in June or July every year, the sun comes out for real and shows up for work for several weeks in a row. 8 The Native American Tribes of the.Pacific Northwest inhabited territory that stretched along the Pacific ocean as far North as Alaska and as far south as California.This territory provided the tribes with a great deal of natural resources. The ocean, rivers and streams provided a great deal of food. There was an abundance of moose, elk and deer to hunt as well. Follow this link to learn about.

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  1. 5 Fascinating Animals of the Pacific Northwest 1) The Humpback Whale Humpback whales belong to a species known as the baleen whale. They are massive mammals that can... 2) The Crested Puffin: The crested puffin, or tufted puffin, is known in ecology as Fratercula cirrhata. While q uite... 3) The Sea.
  2. Also known as Cascadia, the Pacific Northwest area stretches from Northern California, heading north through Oregon, Washington, and into parts of southern British Columbia (in Canada). Some even..
  3. es shut down. 4). NORTHERN CALIFORNIA: I have found it. As the economy got shaky, the U.S. Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act..
  4. Northwest, also called Pacific Northwest, region, northwestern U.S., including the states of Oregon and Washington and part of Idaho
  5. The Pacific Northwest. Facts relating to the history, topography, climate, soil, and agriculture... etc., of Oregon and Washington Territory... Also an appendix containing suggestions to emigrants, a short description of the several counties... Issued for the information and guidance of settlers and others
  6. The Pacific Ocean is the largest and deepest body of saltwater on Earth. It stretches from the Antarctic to the Arctic, between Asia and Australia, and North and South America. To get a feel of just how vast the Pacific Ocean is, you could put all of Earth's landforms together, and the Pacific would still be bigger

These American Indians lived along the Pacific Coast. The region spanned from southern Alaska to northern California up into coastal British Columbia and Washington State. The area also includes some notable islands such as Queen Charlotte Islands and Vancouver Island. The area is thickly wooded, has a temperate climate, and is known for its heavy rainfall. The forests are dark and damp. Springs and streams from mountain glaciers flow into the rivers that run to the coast Wählen Sie Ihre Cookie-Einstellungen. Wir verwenden Cookies und ähnliche Tools, um Ihr Einkaufserlebnis zu verbessern, um unsere Dienste anzubieten, um zu verstehen, wie die Kunden unsere Dienste nutzen, damit wir Verbesserungen vornehmen können, und um Werbung anzuzeigen

10 Facts About the Geography of the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest Indian peoples often organized themselves into corporate houses of a few dozen to 100 or more related people who held in common the rights to particular resources. As with the noble house societies of medieval Japan and Europe, social stratification operated at every level of many Northwest Coast societies. Within a house group, each member had a social rank. Here are some interesting and fun facts about Pacific Northwest National Parks: Crater Lake in Oregon i s the deepest lake in the U.S. (at almost 2,000 feet!) and 9 th deepest in the world. Because of its elevation and snowy conditions, Crater Lake National Park is actually off-limits during the late-fall and winter months. Go here for an in-depth look at how the crater was formed. Olympic.

The Pacific Northwest; Facts Relating to the History, Topogrthe Pacific Northwest; Facts Relating to the History, Topography, Climate, Soil, Agricultu | Oregon State Board of Immigration | ISBN: 9780217694988 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon The Pacific Northwest, sometimes referred to as Cascadia, is a geographic region in western North America bounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west and loosely, by the Rocky Mountains on the east. North America is a continent entirely within the Northern Hemisphere and almost all within the Western Hemisphere Religious expression in the Pacific Northwest has been called, (unlike most of the United States), never a 'Christian culture', but instead a diverse society of spiritualties including variations of New Age, neo-paganism, Gaia worship, channeling, metaphysics, holistic health, earth-based spiritualties, Nordic spiritualties, Wicca, meditation centers, astrologers, and westernized forms of Buddhism The Pacific Northwest, sometimes referred to as Cascadia, is a region in western North America and bound to the east by Cascade Mountain Range and to the west by the Pacific Ocean.Although there is no official boundary defining the geographical region, the area includes the Candian province of British Columbia and the US states of Washington, Idaho, and Oregon

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  1. The Pacific Northwest is the region of the western United States located adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. It runs north to south from British Columbia, Canada, to Oregon. Idaho, parts of Montana, northern California, and southeastern Alaska are also listed as parts of the Pacific Northwest in some accounts. Much of the Pacific Northwest consists of rural forested land; however, there are several.
  2. Part of the Cascade Range that snakes through the Pacific Northwest, Mount Hood is Oregon's highest peak. Named after Lord Samuel Hood of the British Royal Navy in 1792, this stratovolcano is approximately 11,240 feet tall. Mt. Hood provides many resources to the state and nearby Portland, including recreational ones
  3. The Pacific Northwest is near the Cascadia subduction zone, an area off the coast where two tectonic plates are converging, producing very infrequent but massive earthquakes comparable to the biggest ones in recent history, such as the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan. The risk is fairly low — in 2010 scientists estimated only a 10-15% chance of a magnitude 9 earthquake.
  4. The Pacific Northwest tree octopus is an Internet hoax created in 1998 by a humor writer under the pseudonym Lyle Zapato. This fictitious endangered species of cephalopod was given the Latin name Octopus paxarbolis (the species name being coined from Latin pax, the root of Pacific, and Spanish arbol meaning tree)

In recent years Seattle, the Pacific Northwest's emerald jewel, has become awash with celebrity chefs. Seattle native Zoi Antonitsas (one of Food & Wine magazine's best new chefs in 2015), who helped establish the highly regarded Westward, has a new much-buzzed-about place opening in Pike Place MarketFront with a focus on high-quality fresh and preserved fish

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